Triumph in 'third wave' superindustrial societies

'The new society offers few roots in the sense of truly enduring relationships. But it does offer more varied life niches, more freedom to move in about of these niches, and more opportunity to create ones own niche, than all earlier [forms of society] put together. It also offers the supreme exhalation of riding change, creating it, changing and growing with it - a process infinitely more exciting than riding the surf, wrestling steers, playing knock-hubcaps on an eight lane speedway, or the pursuit of pharmaceutical kicks. It presents the individual with a contest that requires self mastery and high intelligence. For the individual who comes armed with these, and who makes the necessary efforts to understand the fast-emerging super-industrial social structure, for the person who finds the “right” life pace, the “right” sequence of subcultures to join and life style models to emulate, the triumph is exquisite.'

- Alan Toffler, Future Shock, Ch 18 'A Diversity of Data,' 1970


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