Sergey Kislyak, the least memorable man in the world

"Who can say what is discussed in his meetings [with Sergey Kislyak, Russian Ambassador to the US]? Those who were in them cannot recall. When people speak to him, they become different people. They receive new hats. They stop being campaign advisers and become Senate committee members only. They are transformed — and then the memory vanishes. Other people will carelessly allege that Kislyak’s conversation with Sessions was a series of simple surface pleasantries about the election, not an in-depth discussion, and definitely unofficial, but those in the room will not even say that.

Perhaps no words were even spoken.

Afterward, all his interlocutors have are images and feelings: warmth, security, ethics, definitely nothing that belongs in testimony.

Look, Kislyak is unmemorable, and nothing he has ever said to anyone involved in the Trump campaign can possibly have been of any interest. I do not know what this allegation is about and, also, it is false.

Are we sure that he exists? Is he even corporeal? Who can be sure? He melts away the second he is measured, like a Trump crowd on Inauguration Day.

It must be difficult to be so mild and self-effacing in a position of such international importance. How does he conduct diplomacy when no one can remember ever seeing or hearing him? Even Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), who denounced Sessions for communing with him, discovered to her horror that SHE, TOO, had shared a group meeting with him."

Love the writing style. Posted in WaPo, and the articles last sentence seems like a nicely crafted pro-surveillance meme.

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