What's the name of this psychic warfare, err, movie?

((Notes on The Holy Mountain, April 2018))

What is the name of this psychic warfare, err, movie?
(That was put on at someones request I assume?)
What is this carefully crafted button pushing?
Designed to pierce through the void of post-modern post-truth reality in the year of our lord twenty eighteen?

Design to break through the layers years of buildup of psychic armor against infinite barrage of ads
And implant its memes past the defenses of the mind of the viewer
I at first bit watching thought they were decent (positive, pro individual, anti government or authority) memes at the core
But after more thought suspect that there's another meta-layer underneath
My viewing gives me the sense of an desire to mix brain blasting memetic techniques of damage-by-association near good messages about reality
By getting your mind to react to the content ...like calling in an artillery strike against a specific valid target, but next to the target are civilian targets memes, knowing that the artillery is not particularly accurate
Many messages that seem like a straightforward adaptation of the positive memes (lifted straightforwardly from brave new world with nightmarish twist),
That are then interspersed with (in ben's words) “nonstop nightmare material" afterwards.
For example, the valid points raised about how kids are raised to hate certain peoples (Peru in Holy Mountain, Eurasia in Orwell’s 1984, ISIS and terrorists in modern parlance, etc) from a young age - but also interjected with onslaughts of gore and perversion
Was the goal to potentiate those dystopian memes, or was it to damage them?
No matter which, I mean to say (and then will expand on):

This seems to be in a psychic weapon, ((or at least a tool))
in 21st century information warfare
It looks a lot different now than it did when we still had uniforms and front lines and bullets that we could see
It was a lot simpler when we had uniforms that colors and patches and flags
Colors and patches that showed you which ones will kill you, and which ones will help you kill
Now the area of conflict is within societies, as collectivized individuals,
The battle isn't about what all the politicians and newsrooms and maps talk about.

...inspired by this line of though, but thinking on different topic:

The new battleground of power is a battle of tectonic plates underneath the soccer field
Everyone is playing soccer just like they always have, team red vs team blue.
But a few of the players discovered hidden manholes on the field
A few players climbed down manholes and started controlling the tectonic plates that the field was built on
Soccer keeps going on just like always
But the players scratch their heads and wonder when bits of the field suddenly erupt into unprecedented hills and valleys under the historical white lines of the pitch
Routine goal kicks suddenly find that the field doesn't react like it used to
When they try to move the ball down the field it now pseudo-randomly jerks to left and right
Like a video game with a programming error, the new physics move the ball on the lateral axis when it used to move on the vertical one
The new game is one which the team that can best react and adapt to these random unpredictable jerks has the advantage
((I originally wrote ‘wins,’ but now while editing wonder what that idea means in the ever evolving 'psycho-kinetic arena,’ as Hakim would say))
And how, when the opponent has the advantage, to introduce new shocks to stall progress until momentum for your side is gained
Those who have a better understanding of the new rules appear to have the ability to influence a new type of power
Super-symbolic abilities, I guess Toffler would call them

Non sequitur:
Noting a technique:
Randomly Adding Rhymes:
I've seen the tendency to add in rhyme crop up a number of memes,
particularly ones whose crafting I am impressed with
((I suppose that Hakim as well as the French Anarchists would fall into this category too))
My guess is that rhyme and poem are processed in one part of the brain and logic in another
And by toggling quickly between various processing centers, information is able to be lost in the shuffle
Slow down the clock speed and use the timing fuckup to let memes slip past the defenses
Or perhaps
((I’m adding these double parenthetical notes and this next thought later, on the flight from Denver to San Francisco, as I correct all the typos from using a tiny phone keyboard to hammer out this altered stream of consciousness))
It's that when a rhyme works, it feels like ‘its right’ and that feeling of rightness could bleed over into the logical content the rhyme encapsulates
Bypassing, maybe, the standard logical evaluation

Another note of technique:
It seems the movie (again, based on a very short clip) uses the (40 years later, quite in vogue) technique of Dismediation
That is to say, destroying the information landscape
Make it unclear who supports what, who stands for what, who wanted or caused a given event to take place
Putting layer after layer after layer, not allowing the viewer to understand what the intended narrative is
After so many layers of abstraction, irony, irreverence, symbolism
Eventually the mind throws its hands up
This state of 'learned helplessness regarding the narrative,' I guess I want to call it, is like the outer capsule of a pill
Wrapping some other devices inside it
Getting passed through the minds defenses by overwhelming them in a whirlpool of layers
Then delivering the payload in the right situation
((Dismediation isn't in my spellchecker (‘No Guesses Found’),
a subtle victory in and of itself))

Back to being a watcher:
I sat for a few minutes and during one gore-attack sequence i intently stared not at the screen but the glowing and pulsing faces of those watching it
Photons go from the projector to the sheet, bounce back onto the faces of my friends, then jumble and softly glow from their faces into my retina
((It makes one miss the immediacy of film, of the idea that photons from the original material themselves were somehow magically captured and then passed on, as opposed to interloping through digital and then being reconstituted))
The face seemed stoically non-expressive, seemingly intentionally reaction-less against a non stop attack crafted against their senses
One person occasionally adding a grin (senses my gaze?)
It's human nature to respond to this content, is it that elusive 'sense of cool' that commands us not to react?
Is, by not recoiling against this crafted onslaught, demonstrate that they’ve overcome something in their human nature?
Right now the minds armor is uniquely vulnerable due to the present collective intoxication

Later on in the movie, from the upstairs bedroom I hear the rate of collective nervous laughter increase towards the end,
I assume as people try to say witty things to provide themselves some break from the reality in front of them
I wonder how well that works...

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